Couple days ago I saw on Ify Alyssa’s instastory about Gojek scam, which she got a verification code from Gojek then a person rang her asking for the code. She gave it and after that her gopay balance got reduced.
This morning I was driving when suddenly a text from Gojek came, stated a verification code. Few seconds later unknown number rang me and asked about the code. Since I already knew this mode, I play stupid with the caller, told him I got no message. Si penipu ini lumayan gigih, dia bilang dia harus kirim barang lah, kalau nggak nanti ordernya di cancel padahal dia udah setengah jalan, jual derita ina ini itu and so on and so on. Btw, code itu cuma berlaku sekian menit, so if you happened to experience this scam, please enjoy talking as long as you can for the sake of ngerjain balik si penipu 😛
I ended the phone call by saying thank you for trying, and please stop doing so. Sebentar lagi lebaran dan dia masih aja nipu orang. Nggak takut besok pagi dijemput sama jibril? 😁 The guy said some harsh words that I didn’t care, I pressed end button, and continued driving like nothing happened.
And I’d like to say good job Gojek, so much for customer security 👏🏻☹️

Thanks for reading this. Hava good Wednesday, good people 😊

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