Tetiba ada yg message gw di LinkedIn intinya mau unshare connection sama gw karena dia merasa nggak kenal gw dan gw make connection sama dia tapi nggak follow up dia apa pun. Terus pake acara mau nyebarin gw sbg praktisi HR yg cuma add connection tapi nggak ada follow up.

Uh wow. Now I remember why I didn’t follow him up. Mau pake embel2 professional lah, largest lah, LinkedIn is just another social media. No need to be harsh. Banyak kok cara supaya profile lo tetep eksis di LinkedIn sambil tetap membatasi jangkauan orang ke lo. Nggak perlu ngancem2 mau nyebarin apa lah ke network lo. This guy just graduated on 2012. On 2012 I already had 2000ish connections on my LinkedIn network.

I really wanted to reply his message with ‘DUDE GET A LIFE. NO NEED TO BE RUDE TO SOMEBODY YOU DON’T KNOW PERSONALLY’. But I’m just too awesome to do so.

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