I believe that everything good starts from home first. If somebody being so irritating to me, I believe they don’t get enough love or attention from their parents. Here’s a good advice: don’t look for attention from other people. Look from you parents first. Don’t have parents? Feel sorry for you, but you must have a Mother. We didn’t come from a flying bird who put us in a blanket and dropped us before our parents’ door (like in a movie I saw when I was a kid).

Your parents already deceased or separated? Again, I’m sorry, but hey it’s nobody fault so you can put the blame to the world. Try to accept whatever situation you have. DO NOT release your anger to the world. Don’t be such an irritating person. History shows us that every irritating person got punished, died, or being conquered.

If everybody tries to be a nice person everyday, it costs us nothing. When somebody break that chain, they start the pain. They start hatred. Don’t be the person who breaks the chain of goodness. For the 3rd times, I’m sorry, if somebody else disappoint you, but it doesn’t legitimate you to be such an irritating person. Period.

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