Sambil beberes sisa kondangan #MandDitoFinally , I tried to reminiscing my bestie’s journey with her love. I stalked their IG and found that Dito fell in love with Manda’s move when she dance. FYI, Manda ini anak pinter, lulusan Prasmul, sempet jadi Brand Manager di L*real, but she gave it all to pursue her passion in dancing. Dito understands her passion since the beginning, he has his own career tapi selalu support dance event Manda, fotoin Manda dan dance teamnya, bikin video2 keren, he is truly Amanda’s no. 1 fans. Gw sering liat laki2 yg worship bininya in pathetic way, but with Dito, he worships Manda without losing his own existence.
Same with Manda, she is a detail freak yg kemauannya buanyaakk dan spesifik, but she can communicate well with Dito and looking at their teamwork (and overall relationship) is like listening to your favorite song where you can play it repeatedly without getting bored.

And from them, I learn that romance is not about lovey-dovey words and nicknames, not about fancy dinner or events, no grandeur prewed photo whatsoever-just their personal documentary, collected since 7 years ago (so you can see metamorfosa Manda dari item kucel ke item eksotis :P) Stalking on their love journey is fun, nggak ada 1 hal pun yg bikin mual atau termehek-mehek.

Bottom line, they are my reference to the definition of ‘soulmate’. I wish nothing but the best for this couple, and thank you, for creating such a beautiful love in this universe. – with Amanda and Rahadi (Dito)

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