Ikutan Kak Suri ah biar nggak ngantuk sore2!

**NO cheating & NO using Google. Every answer must start with the first letter of your first name.

Name: Revy
Animal: Reindeer
Boys name: Revo (iya ini masculine form dari nama gw *maksa*)
Girls name: Raisa (biar jago nyanyi)
Occupation: Rabbit breeder (pasti ada dong ya pekerjaan peternak kelinci? Yakan? Yadong)
Color: Red
Something you wear: Red lipstick
Drink: Rootbeer
Food: Rib-eye steak
Something you find in the bathroom: Rack
Place: Russia
Reason to be late: Rempong milih baju
Something you shout out: Rese ih!!


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