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Dear My One and Only Sister…

Today is my sister’s birthday. Kalo dia liat gw posting ini, pasti gw ditabokk. Untung kakak gw terlalu genius utk main path hehehe.

Seriously, I never thought that a profession as ‘scientist’ does exist in real world. Evrytime I heard about ‘scientist’ what across in my mind was a people who wears white laboratory jacket, with thick glasses, baldy head (for male) or tangled ponytail hair (for female), brings papers and pencil everywhere, wearing braces and get freckles on their cheek, etc. Then my sister got a job in a prominent palm oil company, and her job is actually so called scientist. Everyday she deals with palm growth data, doing research with microscope, counting and analyzing, and so on. My perception of scientist then changed. Yes, my sister wears white laboratory coat in her working environment, but no, she doesn’t wear thick glasses (mine is thicker actually), she doesn’t wear braces (while I did), and her hair is actually well-maintained.

She is good with numbers and data. Like, really frickin’ good. Not a gadget freak, but she can spend hours in front of her laptop or her tablet, browsing or reading anything she likes. And she downloaded lots of e-book on her tablet. Oh yeah, she loves reading sooo much.

But in the other side, she’s not so good with other people’s feeling. A bit lack of empathy, if I may say. Not so easy to get along with. But she knows a lot of tv serial updates, so if you’re a fans of tv serial such as Bones, Glee, NCIS (she loves NCIS so much), CSI and so on, then you’ll enjoy hours of talking with her. She knows many details about those tv serials.

Despite her flaws and her strengths, I couldn’t ask for better sister. We argue a lot, but we love each other more. Lagian kayaknya gw deh yg lebih spoiled dan messy hahaha.

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