Happy Birthday Lalitya! (Part 2)

Wagyu time with birthday girl!! 🐮🍴 – with Lalitya at Holycow! Steakhouse

Been trying some of Holycow! steakhouse branches. After Senopati -the first branch of Holycow!, Jl. Sabang, Tendean -that currently not the best option to visit due to the traffic jam caused by flyover construction project, now we are trying another branch of Holycow! that is located at Kebun Jeruk.

This branch has a spacious parking space, a simple decoration -like any other Holycow! branches, and the same menu *ya iyalah.. Compare to other branches, this one is quite good and I like it. Quite near from home and my current office. I’m not gonna explain much about the taste, feel free to google them yourself because their reputation is everywhere. Nobody will ever regret their decision to eat at Holycow!.

And after their long years of service, Holycow! is still keeping their birthday treat, where anyone who visits Holycow! on their birthday will get one free wagyu meal. it’s a good deal, indeed!

Happy tummy, happy heart. Happy birthday my friend!

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