Personal Thoughts

How the Universe is Joking with Us

last night I saw a post on my friend’s path. He just a had a baby, and he posted a picture of him carrying his baby with a tiger tattoo on his right arm. Badass daddy, huh? Hehehe.

Let’s call this guy Tigerdad. Actually, Tigerdad was one of my bestie’s ex boyfriend. Let’s call my bestie Kittenmum. Back in our college days, Kittenmum was dating Tigerdad for about more than 3 years, if I’m not mistaken. They were a happy couple. They fought a lot, but also went happy-cheery-funny together a lot more. On their last year of dating period they got ‘putus-nyambung’ back and forth, for several times. Tigerdad was residing in Yogya, while Kittenmum went back to Jakarta right after her graduation. They kept maintaining their long distance relationship for a year or two (can’t remember precisely) until they finally decided to split up. For good.

I remember during the period of their ‘cold war’ relationship, Kittenmum told me some about Tigerdad’s life that she couldn’t understand at all. One, Tigerdad always has a soft spot for motorcycle. He was a vespa junkie, then after graduated from college he got a new love for big bikes. It was a period when Tigerdad went on touring many many times, and one of the reason Kittenmum thought they need to break up for good was Kittenmum thought Tigerdad will be going on touring for the rest of his life and not being a responsible adult. Two, Tigerdad seems like enjoy living in his hometown (Yogya) while Kittenmum loves to be in a big city (Jakarta). Tigerdad once tried to make living in Jakarta for couple months but it didn’t work well so he moved back to his hometown and taking care his family business. Then they got separated. Kittenmum dated another guy and currently she is married to a national soldier and lived in Balikpapan with her 8 months baby boy. So did Tigerdad. He met a girl who seems like to enjoy big bikes like him and they got married, and as I told you in the beginning of this post, Tigerdad is a dad to a newborn baby boy (I guess, didn’t get the info about his baby’s gender). And guess where Tigerdad is residing right now? Jakarta city. (Jakarta suburb actually, called Tangerang Selatan, but oh well its still Jakarta anyway *and this is not a post about geographical condition, just take my story as it is :P*)

I found this situation ironic and funny at the same point. Kittenmum thought Tigerdad won’t be a grown up. But from what I see from his posts, he seems enjoying his new role as father but still having fun as a biker too. Well he went on touring less after he got married, but he is still hanging out with his biker fellas occasionally. Some of his biker friends left comments on his posts and they seem support Tigerdad as well (means they might be a father too, or a father to be, and not a bike junkie who doesn’t grow up as well). Tigerdad was not enjoying living in Jakarta, but see where he spend his life right now? As for Kittenmum, her husband’s job brought her to move out from Jakarta. She was the kind of big city girl, but her posts on path also inform me that she can live in another city happily too *thanks to the husband and the baby*

I guess it is true that we can not judge people by their current situation. Life is a process we need to embrace. Because we never knew that ‘the process’ could bring us to different situation. A situation we could never imagine before. People change. Desire change. Fate brings you to a new place, new person, new life. Wherever life has brought you right now, enjoy the process and be patient. Tomorrow might surprise you.


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